Electronic Culture:
Technology and Visual Representation

Timothy Druckrey (edited by)

Aperture 1996
472 pp.

isbn 9780893816780

s 36,00


A rich compilation of essays by some of today s leading theorists and media critics, this important book gathers a series of vital explorations into diverse forms of visualizations in a cultural environment wired into the global network. With its emphasis on the impact of the digital revolution in the late 20th century and the historical context in which it arose, Electronic Culture could not be more timely or relevant. An eye-opening exploration of the state of representation in the postmodern age.

"Electronic Culture is a welcome addition to the burgeoning literature on new media and technologies. Tomothey Druckery has skillfully assembled a wideranging collection that includes representative texts from European and American theoretical and interpretive traditions. Taken together, the essays in this book offer dynamic and critical considerations of technology's link to culture." John G. Hanhardt, Senior Curator of Film and Media Arts,. Guggenheim Museum

"Here is an international montage of historical insights, wild guesses, and deep philosophical musings on the future of images, from neophotography to computer vision and beyond." Kevin Kelly, Wired


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