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marco neri Eli Stertz
di Eli Stertz

postmedia artist+production 2007
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Behind each work is the essence of a person and a story. The artist researches profoundly his model and its surroundings, thus creating a scenography inspired by the moment and by the model’s behaviour. Eli Stertz works primarily on the title of a scene to establish a very intimate relationship with the work, the subject, and the act of creating. His work comprises continuous research of the human body which is documented while performing manual and physical acts.
Photography is the most instinctive medium that Eli Stertz has found to document his curiousity towards the human figure and its surroundings. Following in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps, he experiences the world through photography. His experience delves further, as he composes and studies each scene on the basis of a profoundly thought out scenography while at the same time maintaining an innate spontaneity. Each photo and scene may result from considerable and meticulous effort due to Eli’s interest in continuously observing the figure within its setting, discovering how it behaves and how it relates within this space. The model dictates what to do and how to work through body language. A series of shots are taken before finding the right composition and the image which best expresses his thought.

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marco neri

Eli Stertz was born in New York in 1980. He received his BFA from the Art Institute of Boston in 2003.
So far he has exhibited at Analix Forever in Geneva (Switzerland) and Citric Gallery in Brescia (Italy). In 2007 his work will appear for the project “Guest Room” at the Museum Boijman Van Beuningen in Rotterdam.
Eli Stertz currently lives between New York and Milano.

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