Foundation Papers
from the archives of the Institute for Advanced Comedic Behavior
by David Robbins

Artists' books 1992
58 pp.
no isbn

s 36,00


This book was published with contributions by the following galleries: New York : Feature : Jay Gorney Modern Art ; Bruxelles : Galerie Xavier Hufkens. The book includes the following essays: Art after entertainment, Mr. Entertainment's diary, On concrete comedy: David Robbins interviewed by his landlord, Dennis Wilford, A Problem solved.


David Robbins was an early contributor to REALLIFE Magazine, Purple magazine, and Art issues. His books include Concrete Comedy; The Velvet Grind: Essays, Interviews, Satires 19832005, which collect several of his early interviews; a novella, The Ice Cream Social; High Entertainment; The Dr. Frankenstein Option; Foundation Papers from the Archives of the Institute for Advanced Comedic Behavior; and The Camera Believes Everything. Video work

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