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On The Mid-Ground
Hou Hanru

Timezone 8 2002
281 pp.
-illustrated - bn
dimensions: 160x210mm
text: english
isbn 9628638823

s 39,90

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Hou Hanru is undoubtedly one of the most dynamic and innovative curators and critics on the contemporary art scene today. Known for such ground breaking exhibitions as Cities on the Move (co curated with Hans Ulrich Obrist), Out of the Center, Parisien(ne)s and the Kwangju Biennial in Korea, his work addresses questions of globalization and identity, understanding contemporary art practice as it exists beyond geographical and regional boundaries. This dense, excellent collection of his writings and interviews is divided into four sections: 'From China to the International,' ' From 'Exile' to the Global,' 'Global Cities and Art,' and 'Interviews, Dialogues, Conversations.' Edited by Yu Hsiao Hwei. Essay by Hou Hanru.




Paris and Rome based Chinese curator Hou Hanru is undeniably one of the most important, active Asian curators on the global art scene today. He is one of the earliest curators to explore postmodern identity's issues of globalized mobility and nomadity, as well as hybridity, in-betweeness, the 'Third Space' and artists living in the diaspora. As a Chinese migrant living in France himself, he has used his own experience and position to explore these issues through his unique style of curatorship.
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