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curated by Paul Vangelisti

Poems by Robert Crosson | Martha Ronk | Ray DiPalma | Dennis Phillips |
Paul Vangelisti | Diane Ward Guy Bennett | Standard Schaefer
Art by Roy Dowell | Courtney Gregg | Ron Griffin | Michele Lombardelli |
Michael McMillen | Marco Neri | Giovanna Silva | Don Suggs | William Xerra
Translated in Italian by Milli Graffi

postmedia books _ Otis Books|Seismicity Editions 2013
80 pp.-- 8 illustrations
languages: english and italian
dimension 170x105mm / 6.7x4.1 inches
isbn 9788874901289

ss 9,90

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Robert Crosson
We'll celebrate with a drink at Los Gatos.
Don't bother to draw straight lines. If you get there first. Park. I'll be there.

Faremo festa a Los Gatos con una bevuta.
Che ci frega di tirar la riga del limite. Se arrivi prima tu. Parcheggia. Io ci sarò.

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