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Nausikaa's Isle
A Tribute to Paul Vangelisti
curated by Dennis Phillips

postmedia books 2015
136 pp.--25 illustrations
language: english- italian
dimension 170x105mm / 6.7x4.1 inches
isbn 9788874901425

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Giuliano Della Casa once caught Paul Vangelisti napping and made a sketch. It's a peaceful enough likeness—one that Douglas Messerli added to the cover of one of his anthologies—but I suspect Della Casa was inspired by wanting to preserve such a rare sight.
That the sketch echoes Wyndham Lewis' portrait of a sleeping Ezra Pound adds extra resonance, because, like Pound, Vangelisti is apparently tireless.
The reservoir of energy that fuels his drive is well-known to his many collaborators, to his students, to his friends and to the contributors to this volume.
Those who know him purely through his multifarious work may understand how mass can equal energy.
When I've been asked to introduce him at, say, a reading or lecture, I have fallen upon a fact that attests to this energy: most mortals would be happy to have mastered any one of Vangelisti's portfolio of masteries.
As a poet, a translator, an editor, a publisher, an educator, and, for all the right reasons, an administrator, Paul Vangelisti has created a force of gravity felt by his readers, several international generations of poets, and his students, that brings to mind the similar influence of Pound.
One way Vangelisti's energy manifests itself in his gift for elevating the ordinary. He somehow creates an aura of importance around even the simplest of daily interactions, whether its meeting for a quick coffee or spending the evening plotting a collaboration.
I don't mean a heavy, self-conscious, over-determined kind of importance; nor do I mean a personal, puffed-up, self-importance.
What I mean is he never gives in to the overwhelming pressures that would extinguish literature in general and poetry in particular. He sustains those in his orbits with his matter-of-fact belief that what they are doing is significant; that history, some version of history, is in the making as they work together, eat and drink together, speak together; that history is made in the doing of what is deeply believed by those with the sincerity to do those things well.
[Dennis Phillips]

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